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Friday, May 17th, 2000

After we picked up my stuffs from a warehouse in Denver,  Harvie kindly drove back to Aspen together with those heavy stuffs and I happened to stay in Denver without my boxes....  I was visiting Harvie's cousin Margo and her daughter Rachael, a three years old girl, who actually had a surgery three days ago for taking tonsils out from her throat. She had to be quiet after the surgery, but she has been very energestic during the time I was staying there. Yesterday, .we built trampoline with Margo in the yard. (Harvie manage to attach the last "spring")

I and Harvie came back to Aspen from Denver today....We drove Alex's SAAB.

We met Alex in Glenwoodsprings and had a late lunch together. After that, we went to walmart and bought Harvie's box for stocking files and also a big dolly for me.

We came back home, and then went down the hill to take  a dinner at Hide's, and then came back.  I opened one box and showed some books to Harvie. I showed some Ukiyoe catalogue.

In this catalogue, I found an interesting Rokurokkubi-like figure. This is a typical Japanese obake, (a monster) but the picture on the magazine was not an obake, but rather metaphorical showing women's desire for her far-away-men. It was a desire for being connected remotely.  I couldn't explain this to Harvie very well and I was sad.  It was so difficult to explain, probably because so many ideas came up to my mind all at once, and also I couldn't find a good word in English to explain them.

I really wish so that the speed of my mind and the speed of my tongue will syncronize some day....